(my hero) Nader & Body Scanners

[6] News in Brief
EPIC and Ralph Nader Urge President Obama to Suspend Body Scanners
EPIC’s Marc Rotenberg and consumer advocate Ralph Nader have sent a
letter to President Obama, urging the suspension of funding for the
body scanner program pending an assessment by an independe board of
review. The recommendation follows a joint workshop sponsored by EPIC
and Center for Study of Response Law. The event included two panels,
the first of which focused on the problems with body scanners, and the
second of which dealt with the political opportunities that exist to
combat the widespread utilization of the scanners. The event included
talks by experts on radiation, airport security, religious and
constitutional ramifications of whole body imaging, and the
international response to whole body imaging machines. EPIC Staff
Counsel, Ginger McCall, discussed documents that EPIC recently received
that reveal that the machines can store and transmit images. Katitiza
Rodriguez, director of EPIC’s International Privacy Project, discussed
the EU’s decision to postpone the use of these machines until a full
privacy and health risk assessment can be completed.
EPIC, Ralph Nader, Letter (Feb. 25, 2010)
Center for Study of Responsive Law
Ralph Nader
EPIC: Whole Body Imaging
EPIC: Air Travel Privacy

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